Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Does that Dream Mean?

One of my favorite things in this world is my dream life. I subscribe to a belief that dreams are messages from ME! All of me. My me, myself and I, me. I'm talking all of the sub-personalities and selves that are part of my psyche.

Years ago, I followed a dream book by Betty Bethard. I decided that since my mind knew I was using definitions in the back of the book, then I'd dream in that language. For instance, the night before having to respond to a job offer, I dreamt I was in a store. A store meant that I was investing in me - so I said yes to a sales job that was a terrific experience.

Now I use the Creative Journal method to write to my dream characters. First, write out the dream and choose 1 character to dialogue with. Then use the instructions below:

1.Start as if you are writing a letter using your Dominant Hand.
Dear Dream Character, why are you in my dream?

2. Put the pen in your opposite hand - your Non-dominant hand and allow the answer to flow onto the page.

3. Keep up the q & a, asking with the dominant hand, answering with the non-dominant hand.

4. End the letter with a closing with your dominant hand.
Thank you, Dream Character, for talking with me.

5. Write down any insights you have that you can apply to your life.

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Sweet Dreams!


Anne R. Allen said...

Sounds like an interesting exercise. Have you ever been surprised by what the dream character said?

Dorothy Ann Segovia said...

Yes. 1 dream character - who was a black dog, that changed into a man, said that he was my male archetype...

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