Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Dorothy's

In 2001 I went out to do a load of laundry but it was a full house. I ended up visiting my friend Alex instead – he lived in the apartment above the laundry mat. During the visit, he got a call from Lisa reminding him that they were going to see a lecture about a medical clinic in Nicaragua with a speaker named Dorothy Granada, a US nurse from Santa Cruz and the director of the clinic.

8 years later and Dorothy Granada has retired from the clinic, and I'm hacking out the spreadsheets that calculate this labor of love called The Mulukuku CD Project. Sales, numbers, consignments, and expenses. My ego wants BIG numbers to prove my success.

My heart wants me to finish because it's time.
Procrastinating on Mulu has driven me Kuku.

The blessing is the story that I carry in my heart, the songwriters who donated tracks, the countless friends, collegues and strangers who supported the CD - and who still support the clinic.

I still have a few CD's left for sale through my website, www.writeinside.com. (There's even a younger me yapping about it in a Utube clip.)

When the CD's are sold, Steve Aiena of NewMediaDimensions.com will upload the Mulukuku Download Project.

Hooray for technology.