Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Big Ask

On a daily basis, I find myself seeking solutions to the many situations that life tosses my way. From the mundane; how many pictures should I frame for my place? to the biggies; which job should I accept?

Most of the answers require research, or at least asking for a listening ear. This would be okay except that asking for help makes me hesitate--or even cringe. Maybe I'm fearful of not choosing the correct answer. Maybe I'm not ready to hear the answer. The result? I often avoid simple decisions indefinitely.

But I recently learned through the Abraham CD series presented by Esther Hicks that the vibration of a question and the vibration of an answer are entirely different. A question tends to come from lack. Answers and inspiration are gifts from the ether.

This makes sense. Slowly I'm asking in a new way. When a question arises, I simply say aloud, "Help me figure this out," or "You figure it out, damnit," then I wave my hand. This makes the ask more in line with placing an order. I don't sit around worrying about the pizza not showing up, so why worry that my order for a great new job is going to go missing.

As long as I'm willing to look at the menu and pick up the phone, I can trust that the answer is on its way.