Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Dollar Bone

My mother used to dance in the kitchen singing a song called Dry Bones. “The leg bone connects to the thigh bone, the thigh bone connects to the hip bone, the hip bone connects to the leg bone and that’s the way it goes!”

Connection means relationship whether we are connected at the hip or connected to where we buy our daily bread.

This shopping season, let's connect with our community by supporting smaller, family/individual owned shops. One of the biggest reasons people don’t visit local stores is the myth of big prices, small choice. For me, the main reason why I duck into a Big Box shop is that I claim I don’t have the time to visit a bunch of smaller retails rather than one big variety store.

On a recent foray for a watch battery, I put my time where my mouth is and stopped at Cayucos Pharmacy. In addition to my watch battery, I found a ½ price calendar, a bargain on the shampoo I use and a purple calculator for my purse. I carry it as a reminder that the benefits of buying local can’t always be tallied up in numbers. The afterglow of knowing that I gave my buying bucks to a neighborhood business was worth my effort.

The issue of how to maintain small town heart with big time progress is an important to all of us. As individuals we do have the power of choice. And choosing to be connected to what we purchase with our hard earned dollars is an empowering choice that we can’t afford to lose.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Dorothy's

In 2001 I went out to do a load of laundry but it was a full house. I ended up visiting my friend Alex instead – he lived in the apartment above the laundry mat. During the visit, he got a call from Lisa reminding him that they were going to see a lecture about a medical clinic in Nicaragua with a speaker named Dorothy Granada, a US nurse from Santa Cruz and the director of the clinic.

8 years later and Dorothy Granada has retired from the clinic, and I'm hacking out the spreadsheets that calculate this labor of love called The Mulukuku CD Project. Sales, numbers, consignments, and expenses. My ego wants BIG numbers to prove my success.

My heart wants me to finish because it's time.
Procrastinating on Mulu has driven me Kuku.

The blessing is the story that I carry in my heart, the songwriters who donated tracks, the countless friends, collegues and strangers who supported the CD - and who still support the clinic.

I still have a few CD's left for sale through my website, (There's even a younger me yapping about it in a Utube clip.)

When the CD's are sold, Steve Aiena of will upload the Mulukuku Download Project.

Hooray for technology.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


When I first learned my rental lacked a washer & dryer, I almost decided against it. I had vowed to be able to do laundry in my own place, but realized that living alone was a step up from the house share in Capitola. Plus I called Mom and asked for advice.

I live two blocks from the laundry mat. I live so close that I leave my car parked and walk home and have lunch while the clothes are washing. Sometimes I walk to do errands, go shopping at the Abundance Thrift shop or read magazines in the car. Yet, I snivel as if I have to lug my laundry two miles through the snow.

Basically, I spend more time complaining about the laundry than doing the laundry. Turns out I can have a washer and dryer on the property – but right now it’d cost more than it would be worth.

The reality is that some very good things have happened as a result of hanging out in laundry mats. Wash on a Friday night in 2000 led to producing the Mulukuku CD Project. Once I wrote an article about Nancy, owner of the former Washing Well in Morro Bay. (Politics and dirty laundry: keep an eye on the spin cycle. How's that for metaphor?) I recently spent time talking with Tiffany, a young woman I wrote a song about when I moved back to this area in ’93. She lives in my town AND we have the same laundry schedule.

All this and clean chonies too!

May all of your experiences be washed and thoroughly dried,


Monday, August 2, 2010

Thanks, Hank!

When I first moved to SLO from LA I worked at a temporary staffing service in San Luis Obispo. One day, a co-worker and I went with a group of people from a radio station to a concert in Tulare. It was hot, the opening band’s lead vocals were impossible to hear, we didn’t like Hank Williams, Jr. tunes anyway and a fight broke out a few rows ahead of where we were sitting. It stopped when one of the sales reps from the bus ride decked the guy who started the whole thing.

Just before Sherrie and I headed back to the bus where the drinks were hopefully still on ice, I whispered, “Just think for the rest of our lives all we have to do to be happy is realize that we could be at the Hank Williams. Jr. concert instead.”

Sort of like the motivational speaker Anthony Robbins shouting to himself, “Thank God my feet don’t stink today!” Anything to stop the negative thought.

The point is to pivot away from what you don’t want and head for what you want. And humor releases energy even in grim circumstances. That’s not to say don’t feel what you are feeling or try to slap a happy saying on a sad experience.

Everyday I have the same goal: to feel good. Humor helps me let go of whatever thought that is creating the internal drama-rama that my Monkey Mind is so fond of creating.

Today’s my day off. First I woke up at 2am, then 4am, then 5am and finally got up at 6am. I started out tired and grumpy but thanks to Hank, I feel tired but good.

What will you do to feel good today? I really want to know – so please Comment.

May you pivot towards what you love today,


PS: For more information on pivoting, check out

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Achy, breaky, but?

I meant achy, breaky butt.

I had a 4am wake up noticing that my left butt muscle was tight and achy. But it could have been the dream I was having about rich people.

Basically the startling wake up had me wondering, what is this metaphor trying to tell me?

And is everything a metaphor?

Since I didn't write down the dream I'll let you figure it out.


(you can use or any other email you have for me)

Blessings to you and your glutamus maximus,


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Library Love

1968: The first time I came to the library with my class I left empty handed because I didn’t know how to spell my last name. But I have practiced on a magnetic board with brightly colored letters. S E G O V I A. Now I can confidently repeat the letters to the big boy at the library desk. Mrs. Teacher and I are here during classroom hours and we have the library to ourselves. I quietly search the shelves. This will be the first library book that I borrow on my own card. The book is called The Little Bear and it is blue.

2010: It is Tuesday, my favorite day of the week: library day. I have my bag ready to go. In it are the Sheryl Crow Wildflower Tour, an 80’s thriller starring Mimi Rogers and Tom Berenger, and a yummy novel by Kristin Hannah. I still have a pile of CD’s, books and the latest Oprah to return with various due dates. I’ll also use their computer to check my email – tomorrow I’ll take my laptop to post this blog. But not today; today I’m restocking my home for another week of inspiration.

Over the years, I have driven to the library for the thrill of walking out with a stack of CD’s and the latest People. In the past month I devoured Naomi Wolf books (The Beauty Myth) as research for my musical which is currently being edited. The libraries are a blessing plethora of resources. Libraries are also terrific for gathering community. The Los Osos library staff recently brought in strawberries, mint juleps and a big screen TV in honor of the 2010 Kentucky Derby.

One great benefit is that you can peruse the library shelves and request books, movies and music from the comfort of your home by visiting I’m signing up to be a sponsor. For the Los Osos branch, it’s only $10.00 a year for an individual membership or $15.00 for a family membership – they can use the help. If not, visit anyway. And be sure to tell a friend.

May all of your days be filled with shelves of library love,


1967: It’s Saturday and I know how to read. Everyone is safe inside our stucco house. I’m wheeling my covered baby carriage down the gravel driveway when the neighbor lady stops to tell me that I am taking my baby for a walk. I open the carriage lid and watch her sandaled feet take one step back. She gasps. Solemnly I close the lid and continue across the lawn with the pile of thin, hardback books. I lean against the tree and spread the books around me as far as I can reach. I stay outside forever.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Creative Shopping

I have a cigar box that I covered with a collage. The top cover is a black and white picture of a boy proudly holding up a jar with a frog in it. The lining is an ad of an avocado shaped into a flower with the words ‘delicious ideas are in bloom.’ And inside, well. Inside are magazine photos of my dream closet, an orange wing back chair, an eco-friendly washer and dryer, four brightly colored trench coats, flowers in yummy vases, an African safari vacation, and a giant storage shed on sale for only 499.99!

I listen to music or a book on CD while I shop the Sunday sales, clipping items from my lists. Sometimes I shop willy-nilly through magazines. I place the images in the box affirming “I want this because it delights me or because I’d love to have more storage space or because I….” The operative sentence is “I want it because.”

The art of creative shopping appreciates that I will always want to expand towards my desires. Finally, this Orange County girl can enjoy the thrill of the chase while saving for what really matters: trips to the olive and cheese aisle at Lazy Acres in Santa Barbara. The art of shopping isn’t about buying. It’s about possibility. It’s about the magic of desire for the sake of desire.

Prior to my “I want it because box,” I felt overwhelmed by what I wanted or needed. I worried about how to pay for tires or other necessities. Worry coupled with messages about consumerism (four trench coats?) left me feeling guilty. Somehow I got wanting and spending all mixed up. By releasing the images to the collage box, I’m also releasing any negative feelings – regardless of manifestation. How or if the objects appear in my life is not my concern. The process itself is rewarding. Once I’m done with my shopping spree, I’m done.

One important thing to know about this method is rebel energy. Rebel energy is the part of you that may rail against money boundaries; especially if you spend to mask unexpressed emotions. I give this rebel energy mad money to spend each paycheck. Even $5.00 is fun if I am creative and head for the thrift stores. In fact, I often come away with gems such as my $4.00 Dirt Devil from the Abundance Thrift Shop in Los Osos or last season’s best sellers.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fiction anyone?

So I’m in the children’s section of the library, hogging the perfectly cute white little bench seat, ferociously checking my email before the battery ran out. My final read was the pithy blog by my novelist pal Anne Allen on the topic of fiction vs. nonfiction. After dashing off a quick comment claiming my interest in non-fiction, I realized that fiction kinda freaks my left-brain out as useless; though I often fry said brain on People Magazine.

After locking my laptop in the trunk, I walk back into the library to wander the fiction shelves.

First I perused the large print shelves of new fiction thinking I’d enjoy reading without my glasses. This brought up so many questions about my own mortality, not to mention eyesight that in desperation I ended up by squinting my way down the fiction shelves and ended up with two trusty favorites: Elizabeth Berg and Garrison Keillor.

I discovered Berg when I read her non-fiction article entitled Struck by Life (New Woman, 1994) where she talks about how she left nursing to become a writer after she had a health scare. Her writing is simple and plain and true. She cranks out novels like she honors a regular writing routine. Her novel, The Year of Pleasures “is about acknowledging the solace found in ordinary things….”

Garrison Keillor is famous for his Prairie Home Companion radio show as well as his morning NPR The Writer’s Almanac. I’ve been thinking about him since running across Lake Wobegon Days at the Abundance Thrift Shop here in Los Osos. I ended up with his novel, Love Me which I’m hoping will make me laugh because, well. I obviously need to. Check out the blurb:

“A hilarious and hearfelt novel about ambition, success and failure and the virtues of real love and a steady job.”


May you happily wander the fiction aisles seeking the stories of your life,


Friday, February 26, 2010

The Art of Unplugging

It took only 2 weeks of no Internet service at my home to decide to stay that way. As much as I love email, Facebook, Twitter, and the many Google possiblities, being online did create anxiety. I'm the kind that constantly checks my email when I get home - just the way I used to check my answering machine before cell phones.

Okay, I admit it - I'd practically check my email every time I passed my computer. And being in a two room, place. Well, you get the picture.

I originally chose not have email at home in order to save $. But now that I've officially joined the dark ages I feel more focused. And I'm enjoying my 'work' time out at the library or my fav coffee spot - Copa de Oro.

Yes, I still get a little teary when I think of all of the Brothers and Sisters episodes I'm missing, but hey - I gotta have something to look forward to when I get back to virtual reality. Cause I will reconnect at some point. Just not today.

May you and all of your connections be filled with joy!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10

It’s day 10 of the New Year and I’m still creating the collage that I was hoping to burn on New Years Eve. I missed the ceremony due to the 3 house parties near my house. And the shot of Baily’s that was waiting for me when I got home.

The ceremony is that you draw a large circle on a piece of paper. While affirming, “I live in a place of plenty” list everything that you want to bring to you in the next two years. All wants, needs, including the planet, inside the circle. Next, outside of the circle list what you choose to release. (I’m making a collage of want I want over a list of creative projects I want to happen.) When you are done, burn the paper, blessing and knowing that it is done according to your wish!

For details on the I am Template ceremony click here and scroll down to the paragraph that begins with “This New Year’s Eve….”

Maybe you’re asking the same question as me….will my intentions come true even though the energy of the New Year, complete with blue moon, has passed?

YES! And if you are still doubtful, do the ceremony anyway and turn around three times with your right hand touching your 3rd eye while chanting “Thank you for my blessings!”

May your life be filled with ceremony’s that are blessed, joyful and silly, silly, silly.