Sunday, August 30, 2009

Visioning(R) without Collaging...

When I don't want to make a collage about a goal because I'm too busy or am already focusing on a collage - the next best thing is to take time to journal my vision.

I have a special book that I reserve for dream journaling. Many times when I review my dreams - I find that they have manifested in fun and surprising ways.

Follow these steps to get your emotions to vibrate at the speed of your dream and be sure to celebrate the steps along the way!

Materials: Favorite journal book and pen, timer, blank 81/2 by 11 paper. Be sure you have at least 30 uninterrupted minutes in a soothing space - outside is perfect if it is available. Make a cup of tea, or light a candle to create the atmosphere of a mini-retreat.

1. Use the blank paper to do a fast 10 minutes of journal junk. This is where you put your pen to the paper and write as fast as you can. This allows the rational mind to release any worries or complaints. Be sure to set the timer. If you run out of things to write, simply start the sentence with I'm worried about...

2. Close your eyes and let your mind focus on the vision. You are playing pretend - your vision is as big as your imagination.

3. Next, take your journal and put the date that you want your vision to manifest by - at the top of the page. Set the timer for 20 minutes and write about your vision in 1st person.

"I now have a fun, rewarding job working with people I love and respect. The office is spacious and ...."

4. If you stop writing, close your eyes and imagine yourself as if the situation is happening...then start writing until the timer stops.

Use the questions below to help fill in the details. Remember, to vision is to create an emotional feeling of joy that you associate with your dream. That way, when you run into obstacles, you feel past the problem by assuming there is a solution.

When your vision manifests, who is the 1st person you'd call?

How would you celebrate?

What needs to happen for the demonstration of the vision? (That is, what outfit would you wear to your new job...?)

If this exercise creates uncomfortable feelings - then good! That means the mind closet is being opened and cleared. Now you can see what no longer works in your life so you can make room for what does work.

5. After your vision is written, read the vision outloud several times until you mean it. (I sometimes record the vision on my digital recorder and listen to it in my car when I'm stuck in traffic.)

6. Bless and release your vision into the atmosphere. Give yourself a hug for spending time on your dreams.

7. Let me know when your dream manifests....


Saturday, August 8, 2009

What to do with Your Vision Board

In the poll posted in the sidebar of this blog – one person said that their vision collage manifested wonderfully, but others said they weren’t sure what to do with their collage after it was created. Once the vision board is complete, use the following guidelines based on the book by Lucia Capacchione, Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams.

Have a journal with you to record any insights you may have.

*Be sure you share your collage or insights ONLY with those who you feel safe with and who support your dream.

1. Give your collage a place of honor in your home to display your vision.

2. Spend time viewing your collage – at least 15 minutes – several times a week.
This allows the energy of the images permeate your heart so you will ‘recognize’ circumstances as they flow toward you.

3. As you look at your creation, notice the colors and shapes of the collage pieces as well. Do you notice any recurring themes or colors?

If your vision isn’t manifesting ask yourself:

Do I spend time with my collage daily?
Do I follow my vision with inspired action?
That is - if you know you need to clear out the garage for the new office you are manifesting – have you done it?
If not, then why not?
Does it FEEL GOOD to look at your collage?

One reason why Visioning® doesn’t work is because often times we collage what think we SHOULD have. In other words, your collage may be what your mind says you want – but your heart needs to lead the way. The rational mind will come later, when it is time to put the plan into action.

Another reason why a collage doesn’t manifest is because of the voice inside your head that rationalizes away your desire. You’re too busy, too broke or too tired to go for another dream. Beware! This voice has IT’S OWN AGENDA and your dream is not on the list. (Read Visioning® Step Five: The Inner Critic.)

Your vision is given to you by the grace of the One that created you. It’s your gift, your blessing. Let your vision lead you. Let go of what no longer serves you to make room for your desire. Be brave enough to ask: am I following my vision today?

May the journey to your dreams be filled with yes,