Saturday, January 2, 2016


I have a beautiful white comforter on my bed. When I write or read in the morning, I put a cover over it to protect it from pen marks, tea stains. Despite all of my efforts, stains happen. The first blemish is a tiny lipstick mark on the underside. After cleaning up there was still a faint smudge and I felt frustrated. Several days later I rarely thought of the stain at all. In order to find it again, I will have to put on my glasses and seek it out: a tiny smear of pale pink against a sea of crispy white. 

Focusing on my mistakes is similar. I have to stop what I am doing and search out the blemish--just so I can feel bad all over again. In the spirit of self-preservation, I will focus on the clear expanse of cozy comforter instead.

Goleta Pier: Photo background, 1. Day appreciation, 10. 

This year, my intention is to observe and appreciate all that is right in my life.