Friday, June 29, 2012

Freeway Ruckus

This month I've been hanging with family in the land of the freeways. Though I usually stay close to Mom and Joe's place, I braved the freeways to visit a new pal who lives in Long Beach. Freeways are nerve wracking to say the least, which is probably a surprise because lately my motto has been so many roads, so little time.

Road trips are my thing.

Here's how to navigate through the analysis paralysis that keeps you from the driving down the road to your dreams.

1. Choose a destination.
2. Get in the vehicle whether it is a car, or a class at school, or purchasing that video camera...and start your engine.
3. Check your blind side, step on the gas and remember, it's merge, not converge.

4. When you hear those doldrums of doubt, sing REALLY LOUD to drown the voices in your head.

That's it!!! You're on your way.
Oh, one more thing.

Don't forget your sunglasses, cause your future's so bright, you're gonna need shades.