Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Moving to be Moving

A friend recently asked how many times I’ve moved since 2004. Including the two long term house sitting gigs – my recent Newbury Park move is #9. For someone who claims home is her favorite place, this is quite a few moves. And I know that this #9 move is temporary, because I’m renting a room in a home that is for sale.

But the reason why I made move # 9 is that it fell out of my mouth. On 9/11 I was hanging with Mom and my brother Joe at Applebee’s. I was talking about my latest job search.

“And if I don’t find something soon in San Luis Obispo, then I’m going to start looking in Thousand Oaks.”

Two months later and I’m typing this blog from Ventura County. Home to Thousand Oaks and a swanky little town called Newbury Park.

I moved to follow my intuition, or my spiritual marching orders. And I’m glad.
I’m a little scared, a whole lotta lost, but I am glad to be here. Strangely enough, living among these groovy strangers feels like home.

When is the last time you left your comfort zone and found yourself at home?