Thursday, April 19, 2012

Living the Vision

I'm blogging from the Nevada County library in Grass Valley.

I'm supposed to be working, but so far all I've done is get to the next verse on my latest song, (Thank You EM!)texted a couple songwriter pals, took a walk along the river to the Briar Patch food coop and exercised with my friend Diana. (THANK YOU Jillian Michaels!)

I have great work as a freelance editor and I'm staying in an amazing house for a week. Then I'm headed to Hanford to visit a friend, then house sit, then more visiting and on to... well, I have some ideas.

Living this gypsy life is not easy, but I'm having a great time, and I know its temporary. When I left Los Osos last November, if I thought this would be happening - after all, I had my heart set on full-time work and my own apartment - I'm telling you, I wouldn't have left.

Unheated cabin in the land of the fog, or not.

But I trust. I trust this process. I trust my 'next indicated step' and my one day at a time slogan. Most of all, I trust the lovely, expansive feeling that I get to wake up with every day.

Do I get scared?

Yes. On those days I stay in, watch Brothers and Sisters reruns and eat Trader Joe's popcorn...

then I go to sleep, and dream of my next "home."

How do you keep your fear at bay???