Saturday, May 31, 2014

Magical Spontaneity

Here's what I miss most about working full-time: magical spontaneity. Intending to create more magic into my day, the universe conspired to give me a boost.

Early this month I found myself doing a double wait. One wait was for my car to pass a smog inspection, the other was to cross busy Higuera to browse the thrift store. After a few moments I realized the house that I was standing in front of had a PSYCHIC HEALER sign posted in the front window.

I pretended to walk past, searching for an easier place to cross the street, but then I immediately retraced my steps, thinking 'what the hell?' and walked in.

I stood in a glassed-in porch that ran along the front of an old blue wood framed home. The first thing I noticed was the stack of "$15.00 Dollar Special" flyers with a phone number. Since no one came through the door that led to the house, I called the number on my cell. 10 minutes later I bypassed the Special for an in depth tarot reading from Kimberley. 


My personal history of tarot is: I studied tarot, practiced tarot, read tarot for others, was freaked out by tarot and stopped reading tarot. The reason I freaked was because after reading for several strangers, I realized that it was actually easier to read the person. That is, the cards were merely a place for the client to focus their energy.

Practicing the art of tarot taught me that when I pay attention to my intuitive energy, stay in touch with, accept and move through my emotions in a regular, conscious practice, then becoming an energetic reader of others is simple. But, I have to admit, reading for others was kind of exhausting. After all, I'm mostly interested in myself!

Having Kimberley read for me was a treat. Although I was given a hint of a positive future prediction, and I wasn't told anything I didn't already know, somehow I felt relieved, affirmed, and stronger.

Rediscovering magical, spontaneity means being aware of the roadsigns throughout our day: even if it means staying on the same side of the street.

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