Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Accessing Our Inner Wisdom

Now that you have your completed your calendar collage, you are ready to dialogue with the images. You will use your non-dominant hand.
This is the hand you do not normally write with.
We use the non-dominant hand to access the right-brain,
which is the seat of our emotions and inner wisdom. 

Step 1.
Take a moment to find a quiet place to sit with your collage.
Give yourself 20 minutes minimum.

Step 2.
Close your eyes and take several breaths.
Release any tension, thoughts or anxiety.

Step 3.
Allow your gaze to take in all of the images on the collage.
Let yourself get curious about one of the images. 

Step 4.
Using your non-dominant hand let the image write about itself in the first person.
Allow it to tell its own story.
What part of you is it expressing? What are its qualities? Why is it on your collage?

Step 5.
If you notice any critical voice regarding the journal writing itself or this process,
simply take a breath and release it. 
This naturally occurs whenever we are trying something new.

Step 6.
With your dominant hand, write down any insights from this exercise.
You may want to write about how the process itself felt to you.

The more you view and write with these images, the more insights you will uncover.
Next post: Learn how to have a written dialogue with your collage. 

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