Monday, June 30, 2014

Hitting the Reset Button

Sunday morning when I tried to complete a simple task, everything went wrong. All I wanted to do was upload a workshop CD into iTunes using my laptop. First iTunes wouldn't open. When I went to connect to Internet so the CD info would load in automatically, the Internet was connected, but my browser wouldn't connect.

I actually had a workshop selfie in mind. I'd been frustrated and stressed about some changes at work at work and being Sunday, I wanted to get the energy out of me before Monday came rolling back around. I ended up frustrated and stressed about the workshop!

While I was waiting for the Internet to reset, I got a phone call. One of the owners of the ranch was coming onto the property to work for a while. He was meeting someone who also worked at the ranch. Since my room butts up against the wall of the shop and garage, it is not quiet. Oftentimes the smell of the hauler, or tractor, or leaf blower wafts into my small space. Workshops are a lot less effective if I'm being gassed by farm equipment.

By the afternoon, I had unpacked my new printer and set it on a rolling table that was brought in from the house. I rearranged my room to accommodate the printer table. I talked to Grace, the other ranch owner on the phone, and learned how to fill up the yellow jacket trap that is hanging in the tree outside my room. (Wait until the evening cool when the yellow jackets are dormant.) I pressed the computer, Internet and my own internal reset buttons countless times in order to move into the next unquiet task.

Sometimes, when I try to plan my day, instead of following the day, I have to reset my acceptance dial all day long. Although it is hard to let go of my plans, when I do, I allow myself the benefit of wonderful surprises such as bags of lemons and oranges at my front step, an day of catching up with friends and a newly arranged room.