Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Library Love

1968: The first time I came to the library with my class I left empty handed because I didn’t know how to spell my last name. But I have practiced on a magnetic board with brightly colored letters. S E G O V I A. Now I can confidently repeat the letters to the big boy at the library desk. Mrs. Teacher and I are here during classroom hours and we have the library to ourselves. I quietly search the shelves. This will be the first library book that I borrow on my own card. The book is called The Little Bear and it is blue.

2010: It is Tuesday, my favorite day of the week: library day. I have my bag ready to go. In it are the Sheryl Crow Wildflower Tour, an 80’s thriller starring Mimi Rogers and Tom Berenger, and a yummy novel by Kristin Hannah. I still have a pile of CD’s, books and the latest Oprah to return with various due dates. I’ll also use their computer to check my email – tomorrow I’ll take my laptop to post this blog. But not today; today I’m restocking my home for another week of inspiration.

Over the years, I have driven to the library for the thrill of walking out with a stack of CD’s and the latest People. In the past month I devoured Naomi Wolf books (The Beauty Myth) as research for my musical which is currently being edited. The libraries are a blessing plethora of resources. Libraries are also terrific for gathering community. The Los Osos library staff recently brought in strawberries, mint juleps and a big screen TV in honor of the 2010 Kentucky Derby.

One great benefit is that you can peruse the library shelves and request books, movies and music from the comfort of your home by visiting I’m signing up to be a sponsor. For the Los Osos branch, it’s only $10.00 a year for an individual membership or $15.00 for a family membership – they can use the help. If not, visit anyway. And be sure to tell a friend.

May all of your days be filled with shelves of library love,


1967: It’s Saturday and I know how to read. Everyone is safe inside our stucco house. I’m wheeling my covered baby carriage down the gravel driveway when the neighbor lady stops to tell me that I am taking my baby for a walk. I open the carriage lid and watch her sandaled feet take one step back. She gasps. Solemnly I close the lid and continue across the lawn with the pile of thin, hardback books. I lean against the tree and spread the books around me as far as I can reach. I stay outside forever.