Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Be Your Own Dog

I'm a blessed woman. I get to live in the SUPER cool town of Paso Robles, and when I do overnight pet-sitting, I live in other groovy places like Morro Bay, Cayucos, Los Osos, and San Luis Obispo.

Having completed my latest San Luis Obispo pet-sit for two dogs (Nikki and Max) and one cat (Gabbi), I've come to the frightening realization that I take care of animals better than I do myself.

Here's what I mean: when I live alone and have to commute to work, I barely have time to guzzle a cup of caffeine and scribble Morning Pages. I often rush in to work late with my hair soaking wet, no make-up and an uninspired outfit.

However, when I pet-sit 3 animals, I somehow have time before work to carry Max up the stairs to the back patio so he can take a pee-walk down the planters to the kitchen; let Nikki out the front door so she can race around the driveway, then saunter through the bushes in search of the perfect place for Number Two before racing to the back door to meet Max. While they are eating I find Gabbi, give her brushes, coos and fresh water, change into walking clothes then  head back out the door with Nikki for a hike up a hill so she can do a second Number Two in the bushes and not on the living room floor.  I even manage to write Morning Pages, eat breakfast and pack a lunch while the dogs are eating.


Granted, my commute is a half-hour shorter, but why do I take care of myself better when I'm pet-sitting than when I'm alone?

I think it's cause I've left all my busy-ness at home.  But now I am making the commitment to being my own dog.

Being my own dog means I write Morning Pages, and then decide what kind of body movement I have time for. Sometimes it's a walk. Sometimes its a few yoga poses. Moving definitely feels a lot better than reading emails, or opening mail.

Yes, I still love getting things done, but the day flows more joyfully when I take the time to take care of my self first.