Monday, July 4, 2011

Visioning(R) is Affirmative Prayer

I've been working with a Vision board since October 2010.
The focus phrase that guided the creation of the collage is:
"I live a creative prosperous life of love and joy."

One of the reasons I like vision boards so much is that the affirmation is represented in collage form. That means I trust that what I want is coming into being. I also trust that because the meanings of the images are fluid - I will be guided only if I show up and do the work. With collage that means spending time focused on the world that I want to create.

You could say that Visioning(R) is prayer in collage form.

When I work with a collage for a long period of time - rephrasing my future manifestations into prayers being answered is a good thing to do. The point of a vision board is stay focused on what I want to bring into being - and to keep my thoughts away from what HASN'T come into being.

A friend - Jane - once gave this advice to our mutual friend - Sue.

Sue was talking about how she was waiting for a solution to her prayer. But all she could talk about was how her prayer hadn't been answered. After listening to Sue for some time, Jane said "Well, God can't call you back with the answer if you don't hang up the phone."

The process of Visioning(R) is actively creating an affirmative prayer, then trusting the process enough to belief it will come true.

What are you praying for today?