Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stepping through New Year's

This is the time of year when I usually compare my goals and dreams to last years intentions. I want to see if I made it. I want to see my progress.

Last year, I wanted to find full-time work and my own place in Ventura.
This year, I still want to move to Ventura, but landing a temporary job and having some groovy housemates would be just fine.

In 2012, I also began following a new way of project planning, that follows a lunar cycle.

New Year's day fell on the disseminating moon, just another day in my 30 day planning calendar.

 (Each month I set about the same intention: to follow my inner guidance and to be happier. )

Well, the next step to Ventura is letting go of my storage in a garage sale.
After that, it's moving the things I need for a room rental to a temporary storage at a friend's place.

That's it. I'm simply moving to my next logical step.

Yes, I accomplished many goals in 2012, some planned, some surprises.

A big dream was my booksigning concert in November.
A serendipity was visiting friends Diana, Shelley and Rose.
A highlight was the baby shower for my niece Summer.
A surprise was living in Morro Bay working for a friend.

The major non-accomplishment?
I am more relaxed about who I am, and I trust life more.

Here's hoping 2013 yields more of the same: trust, serendipity, surprises.