Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Positive Critic Traits

The best thing to know about the Critic is that once I can separate from 'the voice' - then I can transform the negative traits into positive. With practice, this becomes easier and more fun.

Of course, I couldn't' do it with Hal and Sidra Stone's book, Embracing Your Inner Critic. Here are some promises from the book below:

Top Ten Traits of Your Inner Critic as Supporter.

1. It acts like a positive parent who supports you, makes your risk taking safe, and allows you to be creative and flowing.

2. It is impersonal and does not allow you to worry about what others think.

3. It helps you to set appropriate boundaries.

4. It is no longer interested in other people's criticism, so they do not bother you. This helps to free you from the fear of shame or humiliation.

5. Its power gives you greater authority in the world.

6. It brings you the ability to focus clearly.

7. As an objective mind, it analyzes events and feelings coolly, without making either you or others wrong.

8. Its objective evaluations of situations help you to behave appropriately and with self-discipline.

9. It helps you to get appropriate consultation and advice without making you feel that this is a sign of inadequacy.

10. It can direct you to self-improvement as growth or as an adventure rather than as a chore because nothing is "wrong" with you. It does not talk about symptoms for problems.