Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Dollar Bone

My mother used to dance in the kitchen singing a song called Dry Bones. “The leg bone connects to the thigh bone, the thigh bone connects to the hip bone, the hip bone connects to the leg bone and that’s the way it goes!”

Connection means relationship whether we are connected at the hip or connected to where we buy our daily bread.

This shopping season, let's connect with our community by supporting smaller, family/individual owned shops. One of the biggest reasons people don’t visit local stores is the myth of big prices, small choice. For me, the main reason why I duck into a Big Box shop is that I claim I don’t have the time to visit a bunch of smaller retails rather than one big variety store.

On a recent foray for a watch battery, I put my time where my mouth is and stopped at Cayucos Pharmacy. In addition to my watch battery, I found a ½ price calendar, a bargain on the shampoo I use and a purple calculator for my purse. I carry it as a reminder that the benefits of buying local can’t always be tallied up in numbers. The afterglow of knowing that I gave my buying bucks to a neighborhood business was worth my effort.

The issue of how to maintain small town heart with big time progress is an important to all of us. As individuals we do have the power of choice. And choosing to be connected to what we purchase with our hard earned dollars is an empowering choice that we can’t afford to lose.

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