Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prosperity is FUN!

I just joined a prosperity circle at Inner Light Ministries based on Maria Nemeth’s book, The Energy of Money. Any unexpected income over the 9 week class and we tithe 10 percent to Inner Light. Today I got a 50.00 tax stimulus when I went to my mailbox. So exciting! I’m happily tithing my $5 for a cool $45 in my pocket.

At Monday’s meeting, I donated a total $6.00. The day after last week’s class I received a $10 gift card. My first thought about opening the mail that day was “Dang! I wish I picked up my mail before the class stared! I could have saved a bundle.’

Hey, a buck is a buck. I didn’t used to feel this way about money. In fact, I’ve spent most of my days in a serious lack attack. That means instead of being focused on what I have and appreciating it – I’ve been bummed that I didn’t have more.

More what? Well, my current Wish List includes:

a digital camera, a scanner, a bed from Monterey Mattress Company, a covered laundry basket, music stand for my electric guitar, studio recording time, money for a marketing consultant, a tailor for a skirt and pants that I need to try on first – in case they don’t fit – which means I’ll save another bundle, my own house, furniture for the house, a gardener for the house, a new car for the carport…..

While I say YES to all of the above, on my walk home I decided to say YES to myself. That means that on my walk home I mentally spent my $45 a million different times.

Turns out this is exactly what Esther and Jerry Hicks talk about in the Money and Law of Attraction book/CD combo. Getting into the feeling space of mentally spending the money actually opens up the prosperity flow. The reason is because while we are mentally shopping in our heads we create a positive vibration that attracts more money (and love, health, joy) like a magnet.

Problems with money occur when I forget that the point is to be focused on what makes me feel good rather than spending the money. Actually, I had more fun mentally deciding which bank account to stash the $45 than spending it. Even though I was walking past Trader Joes!!!!

I am learning how to save. And the collage that is speaks to me now was created in 2005. The bottom sentence in particular stands out.

“With compulsive borrowing, treat the self-esteem deficit and the debt will take care of itself.”

One of the homework questions in The Energy of Money was “What is the first time you lost money?” I don’t remember that but I do remember my first debt. It was at a swap meet and my older brothers and sister were there selling stuff. I had some albums to sell and unfortunately went window shopping. I came back to borrow a couple bucks from my brother Joe who gleefully announced that it was still morning and that I was already in the hole.

What did I buy? A purse! A little green plastic purse and I’ve been debting (and buying purses) ever since. Take a moment to find the Dooney and Bourke handbag in the collage below.

So, while I am so looking forward to paying cash for my Vision of A Purse that I’ll find at some groovy recycled shop OR EVEN paying full price at some swank shop in New York – I’ll have FUN thinking about what I’m going to put IN THE BAG (and what I’ll be wearing, and who I’m in New York with and where we are going for dinner and my fabulous career that affords such a lifestyle and the fabulous man who….) which makes the actual bag literally just a fun feeling target.

I’m not saying that spending money is not okay but I have learned that I have often spent money as a way to feel good: when feeling good takes mental energy, not money energy.

So, the moral of this story is when you feel scared about money, then find a way to mentally feel good about money or think about something else.

May all of your mental trips leave you feeling healthy and happy.

Love Dot

PS: Speaking of shopping – there are limited “Mulukuku CD Project” compilation benefit CDs left. This is a benefit CD I produced with proceeds going to the Maria Luisa Women’s Center and Medical Clinic.
Click here to listen to song clips of the 17 FAB musicians who contributed.


Rita said...

Miss D!

Bob and I have been working on our spending habits, as well. This is especially an issue when we spend a get-away day cruising antique stores and whatnot. We've started a new habit of taking a photo of whatever item we want to purchase but know we don't need. We're calling it "Photo Shopping" and it's totally working, much like the mental spending. Love it.

Dorothy Ann Segovia said...

I LOVE this idea! Now if I only had picture taking ability on my cell phone...

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