Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Visioning® Manifestation

The first Monday after moving to Santa Cruz was gorgeous. Sunny, bright, it was shorts weather. I wanted to jump up and go to the beach. I told my new housemate my plans and she replied, “That sounds good. If it were me I wouldn’t be able to relax until my stuff was put away…” I decided to follow her suggestion and went back to my stack of boxes (I unpacked my purse collection the night before) and started in. At lunch I told my other housemate that I was going to drive to Trader Joes. But she gave me walking directions that included an “opening in the brick wall.” Walking through a brick wall? I had to do it.

Often times working with a Visioning collage feels like we are aiming our desires through the brick wall of impossibility. But the Visioning® process is often about manifesting a feeling, rather than a particular object or situation. Once the collage is finished, the process of being with the images and trusting the process is the key.

For instance, I knew that once I set up my home in Santa Cruz I was going to end up in the same basic relationship I am always in: me, myself and I. So it was important that I remembered my focus phrase “My Santa Cruz County life is joyfully peaceful.” This is my ultimate heart’s desire. It’s not asking for a specific situation – other than being in Santa Cruz County – but that I live in joyful peace.

I’m learning that my daily walk of joyful peace fluctuates. That’s why I use the dominant hand, non-dominant hand technique, to invoke peace into my day regardless of what the day brings. (See my January blog for an example). I used to believe peace meant passive. But my first three days in Santa Cruz were anything but.

Day 1: After realizing that I passed the intersection where I was to turn left in the direction of the brick wall, I asked for help. I saw two women walking toward me, so I crossed the street and asked directions. Turns out they were also going to Trader Joes. And one of the women is in the midst of creating a new vision for her life with her husband. (I’m doing a Visioning® collage series for them starting this Saturday.) Through them I’ve already met an inspiring group of Visionaries.

Day 2: I walk back through the wall to get more chow from T.J.’s. On the way back home, I see a familiar face out of the corner of my eye. It’s Laura, my friend who I was in a band with years before in San Luis Obispo County. We stop and chat. She works at the Alternative School where I am hoping to teach. We exchange numbers and she tells me that I will love Capitola. I tell her that I already do.

Day 3: On the way back from a walk on the beach, a dog comes up to me, ball in mouth and I chat with the owner and his friend. I tell them I just moved and we hang out for a while talking. Turns out they are musician/songwriters and yes, they will let me know when they get together to play music. One of them even agrees to talk about a workshop for him and his wife in exchange for an original painting. (I had wanted to do a Visioning® workshop for a couple for some time as well as have an original painting created for my new place.)

This may seem like magic but it’s not. It’s enthusiasm.
Visioning® is tossing several irons in the fire. Toss when the feeling is right and something lovely will ignite. But you don’t get the situation unless you are willing to make the first toss: this includes asking for help. Dreams do ignite – especially when walking through brick walls.

May you and yours walk towards your dream,


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