Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Celebrating The Eternal Now, Now, Now

One way to access the wisdom represented on a collage is to ask a question using your Dominant hand or DH (the hand you usually write with) and answer the question using your Non-dominant hand or NDH.

Here's an example of a recent conversation with my inner self.

DH: Dear Airplane Man: Who are you?
NDH: I am your practical intuitive business person.
DH: How do you feel?
NDH: Like celebrating!
DH: Why?
NDH: Because I am excited about where I am going!
DH: Where are you going?
NDH: I'm going to my next successful meeting with like-minded lovely friends who love and support me and who I love and support.
DH: What do you want me to do?
NDH: Join the celebration!
DH: How?
NDH: By being who you are-the real you who is excited about life and opportunity.
DH: How do I stay focused on that instead of the so-called problems?
NDH: Practice! Practice positive focusing in a relaxed, light-hearted way. 
DH: Okay I will!!! Thank you!

Reflections: Write down any insights with the Dominant hand to close the energy opened by using this technique. This is a very important step - do not skip.

It's a-okay to do this at a different time, but you want to incorporate the wisdom into your body. 

My insights were that I rarely feel like celebrating when it comes to my Business Self. The reason is that my critic voice is usually boo-hooing about how I should'a, could'a, would'a. It's whining that whatever action steps toward my dream, it's too little, too late.

This journal technique tells the truth about the Real Me. I love being excited about life! Keeping my collage in my office helps me remember that the celebration is ETERNALLY now, now, now. 

Even if it's another Monday morning at work.

October Calendar Collage

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