Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy New Year?

It's the third month of the you know where your vision is?
Lots of us start out with big plans, yet we run out of steam before January 31.

I've learned to set my sights on enjoying NOW while I set intentions for tiny events to look forward to.

For instance, I walk into work at 8am and I'm looking foward to my cup of tea and my 10am walk.
At 10:15 after my walk, I intend to have a fun, nuturing, inspiring or restful lunch...and even decide whether I'd like to spontaneously run into a friend or not.

By Tuesday, I start making fun plans for the weekend, something wonderful to look foward to.

While I do have my larger plans for myself, this year, I made a fun collage and took a photo to keep on my phone.

It's a fun way to stay inspired, and enjoy my Now.

What keeps you in the Now???

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