Saturday, July 31, 2010

Achy, breaky, but?

I meant achy, breaky butt.

I had a 4am wake up noticing that my left butt muscle was tight and achy. But it could have been the dream I was having about rich people.

Basically the startling wake up had me wondering, what is this metaphor trying to tell me?

And is everything a metaphor?

Since I didn't write down the dream I'll let you figure it out.


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Artful Alchemist said...

hmmmm - if it were my dream experience, it might be saying, "get off your achy, breaky butt, quit dreaming about rich people and become one" ;-) then again, if it's my left butt, then maybe it's all those "buts" rolling around in my left brain that keep me achy, breaky and broke? just a few thoughts from the dream lady, aka the Artful Alchemist

Anne R. Allen said...

I like AA's interpretation. Simple and to the point. Get off your butt and get rich, if it's that important to you. The subconscious isn't always subtle.

But I have to add an amazing coincidence. I woke up at 4 AM this morning too--after a bizarre dream in which an old boyfriend kept telling me to get my right foot fixed--couldn't I see that something was very wrong with it? I woke up and that foot went into a cramp.

Is some little demon/sandman-person scattering crampy dreams around the Central Coast? It's a very weird coincidence.

I don't have clue what my dream meant, either.

Dorothy Ann Segovia said...

Brian Stark commented on your link:

"I think I have this figured out and it isn't anything to be upset about. As most of us that survived the 70's will remember (actually, I'm too young to know this, but read about it in a magazine), the butt bump was among the most often used disco dance moves, and a critical element of "The Hustle". I think you might have been dreaming about John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and done some serious butt bumping. More info here:;

Pay particular attention to step #4.

Love you Dot! :)"

Dorothy Ann Segovia said...

Annie Amato commented on your link:

"Are you left butted? or right butted? Your left butt is closer to your heart therefore seek out a rich yoga instructor to help you stretch that left sacroiliac and widen your horizons."

Dorothy Ann Segovia said...

Thanks for the comments!

Claire and Anne great advice. Brian - I was doing the butt bump on Saturday before I checked out your Facebook comment. Insert Twilight Zone melody. Annie you are so funny.

Seriously, though. I always did want to be RICH but would never let myself say it. Saying it!!!!!!

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