Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Resolution Solution

Although I didn't make a specific New Year's resolution - I did resolve to find work in Newbury Park last November.

It's January 31st and I'm bailing my room rental so how do I re-solve?

When I need to re-align with a goal, I step back and punt.
In football, when the team doesn't make a touchdown, they huddle and send out the kicker.

I discovered that I prefer Ventura over Newbury Park. But instead of just jumping into a room and frantically running the same play all over, I'm going to huddle at a couple different vacay spots over the next 2 weeks.

Time for new game plan, refine the target, and mostly, enjoy the process.

So - if you are still waiting to make your resolution touchdown, take a breather to huddle and reassess.

It may be time to kick a field goal.